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Lady Nikki Scott - Lead Vocalist

Nikki has been performing in the Columbus area since high school. Nikki's very dynamic vocal range and energetic stage presence are winning fans wherever The Inner City Blues Band plays. Her first gig with Inner City during the Memorial Tournament, won Nikki high praise from a packed tent of blues lovers.

Leon Robinson - Drums & Vocals

Leon Robinson formed The Inner City Blues Band after his first tour with Stanley "Buckwheat Zydeco" Dural Jr. The long bus rides prompted many a discussion between Leon and Buckwheat; the topic of those discussions centered around musicians returning to their roots. Prior to working with Buckwheat Zydeco, Leon has performed in many Top 40 R&B Bands and had (and still has) a double-digit career in radio.
Mike Roberts - Saxophones & Vocals

Mike brings over 40 years experience to The Inner City Blues Band. He has toured extensively and recorded with Westbound Records, The Crowd Pleasers. Mike is involved in songwriting, arranging, and production. Mike is also currently producing two acts for the Top 40 market.

Nick Sonye - Guitar & Vocals

Nick has performed with a variety of artists, Jazz and Blues. Producer Todd Barkan told blues vocalist Jimmy Witherspoon that Nick Sonye is one of the top blues guitarists in California. Nick found his way to The Inner City Blues Band by way of Leon, as they both played for Buckwheat Zydeco.